Buying a home is one of the biggest purchasing decisions you will make in your lifetime. It can be a confusing and complicated process. As a home Buyer you need:

An explanation of the purchasing process:

Nancy has the experience and the knowledge to guide you through the purchasing process and can explain what to expect.

Your needs assessment:

Nancy will discuss your motivation for purchasing and identify the potential constraints that may affect your ability to purchase.

A plan to find your dream home:

Nancy will accompany you as you view properties and assess their suitability and price. She can provide the inside scoop on neighborhoods, schools, utility costs, etc.

Access to properties for sale:

MLS is an exclusive service accessible only through agents like Nancy. She can help to explain the information available for each listing and save you tremendous amounts of time and effort. In addition, Nancy will also research private sales, Builder Product & Personal Contacts in order to make sure you as a buyer have a wide spectrum of properties to choose from.

Knowledge of financing options:

Nancy is extremely knowledgeable about financial options available to buyers. She can even assist you to obtain financing at the most beneficial rates.

A skilled negotiator:

Nancy will assist in negotiating an offer. She is your mediator to help head off potential conflicts between you and the seller and draw up a legally binding agreement.

Clearing the Confusion:

The Relationship Between Buyers and Real Estate Agents
The Code of Ethics governing all Real Estate Agents in Ontario: Agents are obliged to disclose to buyers, sellers, and other agents exactly who they represent in a transaction and what services they will provide. Agents do not accept Agency simply by discussing a property, answering questions or showing a listing. Agency is a signed agreement between the buyer and the agent. This document is referred to as a “Buyer Agency Agreement.”

Rule 4 of the Code of Ethics says agents “shall enter into a written representation agreement (Listing Agreements for Sellers, Agency Agreement for Buyers) with a client at the earliest practical opportunity, and in all cases before any offer to purchase is submitted or presented.”

Listing agreements with sellers (while technically not needed to sell a property) are essential for agents to claim a commission.

Clients vs. Customers:
 Agents owe the clients the highest level of fiduciary duties – competence, diligence, full disclosure, obedience, loyalty, confidentiality, and complete accounting. Agents shall endeavor to protect and promote the best interests of a client.

Agents only need to exercise reasonable care and skill to ensure answers given or information provided is complete and accurate. Written representation agreements are mandatory if an agent is to represent a consumer as a client. If buyers do not sign Agency, they can only be treated as customers. There is no confidentiality without a signed Buyer Agency Agreement.

What should a Buyer Agency agreement contain?

• The role and nature of services to be provided (and if dual agency will be allowed)
• An obligation by the agent to make the buyer aware (and vice versa) of any properties meeting the buyer’s criteria
• The term of the agreement (generally not to exceed 6 months)
• The commission arrangement
• Any other expectations of the client/obligations of the agent