In addition to the actual purchase price of your home, there are a number of other expenses to be paid. Nancy will help you determine which of the following list will apply to your home, and what to expect as a total cost.

Deposit $3000 +/- At time of offer
CMHC application fee $325 At time of application
Bank appraisal fee $250 +/-
note: deals referred from Nancy will have this fee waived
At time of application
Status Certificate $100
(Condominium purchase only)
At time of offer
Property inspection $450 +/- At inspection
Property survey/Title insurance
Residential: $303.40 + Condominium: $233.20 +
Home & contents insurance Closing
Mortgage insurance Closing
Mortgage interest adjustment Closing
HST Closing
Adjustment for heating (fuel, taxes, etc.) Closing
Land transfer (see schedule) Closing
Legal disbursements $400 +/- Closing
Legal fees $700 +/- Closing
Down payment (minimum 5% of purchase price) Closing