Although laid-back and friendly, Nancy’s professionalism is evident in her numerous awards, including top-five sales representatives in North America.

Nancy sells properties across the Ottawa-Carleton region, but from her early days as a realtor she has specialized in the city’s oldest and most established neighbourhoods. These areas include Rockcliffe; New Edinburgh/Lindenlea, where the Governor-General’s and the Prime Minister’s residences are located; downtown Ottawa; the Glebe and Ottawa South; Sandy Hill; and the Westboro/Island Park area, where Nancy currently lives.

You want your home to sell as quickly and as profitably as possible. However, selling your home is a complex and often emotional process, involving large sums of money and stringent legal requirements. Nancy can help guide you through this process by assisting you in:

Setting A Price – Arriving at an accurate estimate of the value for your home is a prime task involving a market analysis and evaluation of your home. With Nancy’s experience and knowledge of the market you can be sure to set the price that reflects the true market value of your home under current market conditions.

Designing A Marketing Plan – Depending on your property and the prevailing market conditions, Nancy will customize a marketing plan that best promotes your property to potential buyers.

Separating Lookers From Buyers – Nancy will help filter out those who are “browsing” by focusing on buyers who are in a position to buy and have their finances in order to make a timely offer.

Negotiating – As a skilled negotiator with over 30 years of experience, Nancy is familiar with the paperwork and legal processes necessary for a successful sale. She has a strong reputation as a fair and skilled negotiator.

Professional Service – Nancy is extremely knowledgeable regarding saving costs on the discharging of mortgages you may still have registered against your property. At the onset of your listing, Nancy will investigate any of these additional costs so that they may be taken into consideration when negotiating an offer.

Understanding Market Conditions
In today’s constantly changing real estate market, understanding how market conditions can affect your position as seller is vital. This chart will help you grasp the most important implications of market conditions.

Pricing your Home

If you are wondering what the best price obtainable for your property is, please consider the following:

It is important to recognize the difference between the factors that do and do not affect your property’s value.

Factors that do not affect your property’s value:

  • what you paid when you bought (or built) your house
  • the cash proceeds you want or need from the sale
  • what I (or another real estate professional) say your property is worth

Factors that do affect your property’s value:

  • location
  • size of home and lot
  • style and layout
  • age, condition, upkeep and renovations
  • community amenities
  • financing options and conditions
  • number of buyers

Buyers dictate the best price obtainable for your property: Buyers will engage in comparison shopping and will not pay more for one property than he or she would have to pay for a similar property.

A “Comparative Market Analysis”(CMA) details what buyers are willing to pay in today’s market. It is made up of the data from recent sales, expired listings, current listings and additional current market conditions.

Recent Sales – Demonstrates what buyers have actually paid recently for similar properties.
Expired Listings – Shows what buyers have not been willing to pay under current market conditions.
Current Listings – Focuses on other properties, which are now competing for buyers’ attention.