So it’s no secret that I ride horses… just take a look at my Facebook feed, it’s full of horse pictures! For those who know me personally too you know that my horses are my “kids”. You might even catch me wearing the latest in equestrian fashion to the office, or hear the faint clip-clop of horse hooves in the background of a phone call.

As an adult amateur equestrian with a demanding career in a non-horse related profession, there are plenty of days where I have to squeeze in my riding before or after work, sometimes in the dark, and still there are other days where I don’t get to ride at all. But I strive to keep a balance of work and horses in my life as I truly believe that equestrian show jumping is more than just a way to reset my brain … it has also enriched my work in real estate in many ways.

The sport brings a sense of passion, focus and discipline into my life that has translated directly into my work in real estate. I’m able to put in many hours of work in order to achieve great results, and sometimes odd hours too. I have a clear and unwavering focus on the ultimate goal and I want to be the one to get there first. I take challenges head on and without hesitation … big jumps, tight turns, unusual listings, non-textbook buyers, or even unknown territories. Nothing will stand in my way of getting a job done and done right – with me its simply all or nothing.

Nancy Benson & CanCan in Ottawa – Wesley Clover Parks
Ben Radvanyi Photography

Since taking up the sport I have been involved in many tournaments in Canada and the U.S.. I have competed several times at the Wellington Equestrian Festival in Florida, where I have been so proud to win placings among the top in the country. I have also had top rankings at major tournaments across Ontario. Of course, I love to compete, but another big reason that I attend these equestrian events is that it’s a great chance to meet lots of new and interesting people from all over the world!

Sometimes I simply make a new friend, but I sometimes get to help them explore what the Ottawa real estate market has to offer when they get curious. A few have even made the big move and call Ottawa their home now! I’ve also helped some Ottawans to move out of our great city and on to another … I have lots of stellar recommendations for other realtors in all corners of the globe, as I love to ask my new connections who their favourite local realtor is so that we might do business too some day. At this point I am very well versed when it comes to coordinating a long-distance or even cross-country move, and also when it comes to buying investment or vacation properties from a distance.

I am also very familiar with the variety of barns and training centres that operate in the National Capital Region, and perhaps I’ve even kept my horses there at one point. This insider knowledge of what makes a quality equestrian property also makes me a great equestrian Realtor. If you have land to sell with acreage to suit paddocks, pasture land, schooling arenas, or riding trails… for sure you should be giving me a call to discuss the best plan to do so! With the network of contacts that I’ve made across Canada and abroad in real estate and show jumping, it is often that a friend or professional contact I’ve made in one field can directly or indirectly help a friend or client from another!


Cracker and Britain are now enjoying their retirement after many years of competing together, and they now lounge in the grassy fields of Perth, Ontario. Tia Maria, who Nancy has shown with many wins in the hunter derbies, has since gone home to her owner. You might spot CanCan and Nancy in the show ring with numerous wins and championships in the Amateur Jumpers throughout 2021 & now into 2022.