Nancy's Marketing Techniques

The value of your home is determined by many factors: location, size of home/lot, style & layout, age, condition, community amenities, number of Buyers, financing options/conditions etc. Nancy will consider all of these factors in planning the successful sale of your property.

The best price obtainable at any given time can only be determined by thoroughly testing the market. The listing price you select should be an estimate of what you think those “test results” are likely to be once your house is placed on the market. It must attract attention and generate activity among buyers and brokers alike.

To aid in the selection of a listing price, Nancy will prepare a comparative market analysis. Since buyers engage in comparison shopping, the comparative market analysis focuses on properties now on the market that are competing for the attention of those buyers. Nancy will also look at houses that have recently sold and those that were on the market and did not sell. These properties will tell us what past buyers were and were not willing to pay. In the final analysis, the market dictates value, based on current conditions, the current supply of buyers and the current competition.

It is highly unlikely that buyers will pay more for your property than they would pay for a similar property with similar amenities and features. All other considerations aside, houses that do not meet the competition in price and terms simply do not sell. In short, make sure that you understand just how vital the listing price is in selling your home, because it marks the difference between success and failure.

Custom Marketing for Sellers

M.L.S. Listing Service—A co-operative system which affords greater marketing access and selection to Sellers and Buyers. Electronic cataloging is provided to over 1,500 local agents 24 hours a day. These listings are also available over the Internet.

Feature Sheets—Custom designed for your home, feature sheets include a detailed description and custom colour photo images.

Signs—Arguably the most effective form of advertising. More calls are placed as a result of signs than from newspaper advertising. A sign should be placed on your lawn as soon as possible after listing your home.

Internet—E-mail for international correspondence regarding Real Estate Listings, as well as allowing us to forward listings to prospective buyers.

Open House—Open houses, for either agents or prospective buyers, are an effective method of attracting interest in your property and compiling a list of possible buyers.—Nancy’s personal website, featuring current listings, information for buyers and sellers and useful real estate tips.

Real Estate Board of Ottawa Carleton—Website with all MLS Listings. Instrumental in exposing listings to a large volume of buyers and sales representatives.

Market Service Reports—Updates on marketing, showings and advertising regarding your home.

Real Estate Guide—Distributed free at local stores. Produced by the Real Estate Board of Ottawa-Carleton. Has “Hot New Listing” and “Open House” sections and advertisements. Widely distributed.

Real Estate Book—Free distribution at restaurants, corporate relocation offices, doctors’ offices, banks, convenience stores, etc.

Ottawa Citizen—Classified advertising and Display ads; also available through the Citizen on-line.

Hill Times—Classified and Display ads in a weekly publication to Parliament Hill and Government offices.

Ottawa Business Journal
—A newspaper geared toward the executive looking for insight into Ottawa’s business community.  Available weekly throughout the city.

Target Marketing
—Advertising in local newspapers, flyer distribution, Just Listed! and Just Sold! cards, advertising in magazines that have readership suited to your property.

Three Decades of Experience!
Hundreds of clients as a database for leads and referrals that produce successful Buyers and potential Sellers; skilled marketing techniques which have led to thousands of successful sales.